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What is this page?

Here you can make a donation or payment to Peter Lairo via my PayPal account or my bank account.

Why would you do this?
  • The satisfaction of making someone's life better
  • Philanthropy
  • Just for kicks

It doesn't really matter why you choose to give me money, as long as it is legal and ethical.

OK, so how do I donate?

Via Paypal:

Simply click on the "Make a Donation" button and a website will come up where you can enter the amount you want to donate.

You will need a PayPal account to donate, but it's pretty simple to set one up. Generally, the amount will be deducted from your credit card. You can get more info at the PayPal website.

Via Bank Transfer:

You can also transfer your donation to my German bank account:

From inside of Germany:
Bank Name: Frankfurter Sparkasse
Bank No. (BLZ): 50050201
Account No.: 381824268

From outside of Germany:
IBAN DE42 5005 0201 0381 8242 68
Why am I doing this?

My ultimate goal would be to receive enough money so that I would not have to work, and perhaps allow me to do some things I feel are important to the world, but aren't "profitable". There are so many possibilities, that I don't want to name any here, in fear of creating false expectations. Of course I would also use this independance to just "hang out", at least for a while. :-)