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This page is dedicated to the
MOZILLA project

24.01.2005 - This page is hopelessly outdated! Just go to the Firefox, Thunderbird, Total Commander and irfanView homepages for your fix of the best software available. ;-)
What is Mozilla?

Mozilla is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. Mozilla is completely free. Furthermore, anyone can take the actual source code and improve it, or use it to make their own browser (Netscape, AOL and others are doing this).

Mozilla currently includes:
Places to get Mozilla:
Mozilla Homepage:
The source of all information. You can also report bugs there (BugZilla).

Newest Milestone:
Mozilla 1.2 Alpha: download - Release Notes
Milestones are generally very stable and can be recommended for daily browsing.

Latest Mozilla "Nighly Build":
Test release. Has "newest" features & fixes, but could have "regression bugs" - proceed with caution. Windows - Macintosh - Other Operating Systems (Linux, BEOS, etc.)

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Useful Features:
  • Themes (Skins): Anyone can make a Theme for Mozilla which completely changes how the buttons, menus and many other elements look like. There are two Themes already included, and there is a link in Mozilla (View / Apply Theme) where there are many more Themes.
  • Sidebar: Show just about anything along the left edge of any Mozilla window (e.g., your bookmarks, a search tool, current weather or news, a notepad, a calculator, even a small game, etc.). screenshot
  • Tabed browsing: Show multiple web pages as tabs within one browser window (press CTRL+T). Once discovered, many have said that it immediately become indispensible.screenshot
  • Pop-Up Killer: Ever get annoyed at websites that throw pop-up windows at you, or resize your browser window, or put nonsensical scrolling text in your statusbar? Whith Mozilla, you can allow or disallow any of these annoyances (under: Edit / Preferences / Advanced / Scripts & Windows).
  • Password Manager: Mozilla can remember passwords you use while browsing and for e-mail, and then automatically fill in usernames and passwords when you return to those places. Your passwords are protected by a "Master Password" which can easily be encrypted for dditional security.
  • Labels: Color-code e-mails with "labels" (e.g., family=blue, friends=green, ToDo=red, work=purple), You can even use "Filters" to automatically give incoming mails a label (e.g., if sender =, then label = family).
  • E-Mail Address Autocollection:Whenever you receive an e-mail, Mozilla will remember the sender's address. So whenever you want to send an e-mail to that person, just begin typing their name in the "To:" field and Mozilla will complete their name and e-mail address for you.
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Additional Features (Addons) - These are still under development but good enough for daily use:
  • Spell Checker: (currently doesn't work with Mozilla 1.2, only with 1.0 and 1.1) The name says it all. Get it here (bottom of page). You can also get additional dictionaries there.
  • Calendar: This is rapidly becoming a very slick calendar with alarms and month/week/day views. You can even display online calendars such as US holidays or movie release dates.
  • Mouse Gestures: Execute browser commands by holding down a mousebutton and moving the mouse in certain patterns (like a magic wand). For instance: click and ... move left goes to the previous page; draw an "S" shows you the source code of the page, up-down reloads the page; down-left minimizes that window; many more ...
  • "Hermes": The Hermes project aims to create a means of access that is versatile enough to allow fast and simple access to those various web-based e-mail accounts. Currently there is a sidebar tab with 15 available web-mail services. I haven't used this, but it sounds useful to those who have web-based e-mail accounts.
  • A list of all projects for Mozilla is here.
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Just click on the download link above, save the file to your harddrive; then doubleclick the file to start the installation. The installation is self explanatory. The installation takes about 20 MB of harddrive space and can be completely uninstalled (unlike M$ Internet Explorer).

Setting up an E-Mail Account:
You need some basic info from your e-mail provider before you get started:
  • your username
  • your password
  • your e-mail address (for the Sender's and Return Address)
  • Incoming Server Name - for receiving mail (e.g.,
  • Incoming Server Type (i.e., POP or IMAP)
  • Outgoung Server Name - for sending mail (e.g.,
To get to these preferences, from Windows: click Start / Programs / Mozilla / Mail. There, it will automatically ask you for the info you gathered above. If you want to add another e-mail account (yes, some of us have more than one), lauch mail, then click on Edit / Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings / Add Account (bottom left).

What extra Modules Peter adds after he updates to the newest version?
Mouse Gestures

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