Tina & Corey DeRosear


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Tina DeRosear (born: Lairo) is my 1st cousin (my dad's brother's daughter - got it?). Tina is married to Corey DoRosear.

Latest News and Updates

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Megan: what a wonderful girl. She looks a LOT like her mom when she was that age.

Meg in wicker-chair showing off her boots

Megan is 1 year old:

Meg - one year old

Megan, not too happy about having to pose with that Santa-guy.

Meg, not too happy posing with Santa

Tina (Lairo) and Corey DeRosear's baby girl Megan was born on 12.09.2001. Here are some photos of the wonderful baby and her thrilled (and exhausted) parents:

Megan's birth
Megan's birth
Who said Boo!
Megan's birth

This is Tina's husband Corey when he was (much) younger. It's from Christmas 1981 at his family's farm. I got the photo from Corey's Aunt, Joan Boetger. The photo is an old Polaroid pic of her children, Jody and Jackie DeRosear, and her daughter Julie's son Justin DeLong along with their cousins Corey and Jason DeRosear and Brian Tamblin.

Corey DeRosear as a child with his family